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They may not be Paid Regulars or headlining in La Jolla, but they're so good, it's just a matter of time before total world domination ensues.


Benji Aflalo

I've had the pleasure of watching Benji's act get really tight lately, even though most audience members have no idea what the hell Fabuloso is because we weren't raised by a Mexican housekeeper in Beverly Hills.  And he excels at one of the toughest jobs at the Store - keeping the room going for the first hour or two of Monday potluck.  Clearly, working at the Comedy Plantation has paid off.  He's even snuck on my Twitter Favorites list a few times recently.



Dan Madonia

"9 out of 10 girls want nothing to do with Dan... and the 10th is obsessed with him"  Dan is so incredibly comfortable onstage, it's no wonder that 10 percent can't stay away.  He embodies the easy cockiness of the '70's rock stars he so strongly resembles.  Oh yeah, and he happens to be quite funny, too.  In fact, I was recently sitting next to him during a show and he was tagging the jokes better than the comedian onstage.






Lucas Dick

Lucas has quickly one of my favorite young comics.  And he's a hard worker.  I see him at a LOT of open mics and had the pleasure of catching him at the Laugh Factory recently.  He's got a laid back charm on stage that makes him so relateable - even when doing material about having a famous father.

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Sandy Danto

"You look like if Jack Black and Jon Belushi had a fucked up baby, bro" is, according to legend, the first thing Pauly Shore said to Sandy when he discovered him in the airport.  Sandy is also the most huggable man in all of comedy, which serves him well on stage.  His adorableness disarms the crowd and let's him get away with the dark and the raunchy.  I mean, seriously, you can't get offended by a guy joking that male strip clubs are the best place to pick up women when he's wearing a soft, comfy hoodie... which, by the way, he is about to unzip to show off his chest.


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Tony Hinchcliffe

Tony is a comedy genius in the making.. and quite possibly insane.  From his perch in the booth of the OR, he lobs comic scud missiles at the guys on stage and the audience with unerring accuracy.  And like many of the guys, he takes his persona out into the back halls and parking lot of the Store, usually making any smoke break that much funnier.  He's also a brutal and hilarious host for the slog of Sunday potluck, no small feat.

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