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Hey, I'm an equal opportunity groupie - a great set is a great set, even if you've got a vadge.



Eleanor Kerrigan

Photo by Jen Moore @absolut420jenEleanor is one awesome broad.  She's a tough chick from South Philly and who just happens to look like one of Charlie's Angels.  When she tells an audience, "That's not camel toe, those are my actual balls" she's pretty much right on - she's got the kind of comedic balls that supposedly only exist on men.  There's a reason she can handle opening for Andrew Dice Clay.  And, boy, can she open a show.  If Eleanor comes out swinging, the only audience members who aren't going to be on board are the ones who obviously don't speak english.

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Jackie Kashian

Photo By Christina GandalfoJackie totally floored me the first time I ever saw her at Meltdown and I've been consistently impressed ever since.  Nerdy, tough and hilarious, her stories about a less-than-perfect childhood, her anger issues and being a bit of a tomboy nerd grab you from the start and hold on until the end.



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Leslie is the coolest.  She's so energetic, she sometimes has to towel off the sweat mid-act.  Her energy is infectious and primes the crowd for her hilarious bits about wanting to be Nadia Comaneci or her press conference announcing which plantation to be traded to.  And she gets my highest hard-working respect for rocking the small crowds with as much effort and energy as the big ones.

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Maryjane Green

Pro model and rocking bassist Maryjane Green has staring off into the middle distance down to a science. No matter what gets thrown at her from the rest of the band, the audience or Dean, she always has a witty, breathy rejoinder.

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Sarah Tiana

You had me at hello.  Well, actually, you had me at calling virgins who do anal "mullets" - and then you went and did that dead on "What if Patriots fans called the game?" bit.  Fantastic.  



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