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He's one of those comics who are so fluid they're sets are like some kind of crazy cirque du soliel human pyramid - the same parts crop up each time around but keep recombining in novel and ways.  I think I've heard about Craigslist killers and the Italian-Puerto Rican-Velociraptor TV salesman at Fry's each time I've seen him this past month, but every time there's a slightly new angle or path the jokes take.  So I get to enjoy already knowing "This is going to be funny, I love this bit!" and still getting a fresh punchline.




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Steve Rannazzisi

Steve is one of the very few comics who can do parent humor and actually still make me laugh.  That may not sound like the strongest compliment ever, but it's meant to be.  He is consistently very funny and can connect with almost any crowd.  Whether he's talking about the stoner pizza delivery guy or the unfortunate night he tried to talk dirty to his wife, it's kind of like spending a night catching up with that one crazy friend of yours who always starts with "You wouldn't believe what happened to me last night..."  You can also catch him being funny on The League on FX.





The League




Walsh Brothers

Chris & Dave Walsh

These guys are so unpredictable and undefinable.  I have seen Chris Walsh come out with a watermelon on his head, Dave Walsh come out and dance for 5 full minutes like he's at some rave 10 years ago, and sometimes it's just funny back-and-forth among the two of them and the rest of their gang about crazy grandmothers, Russian youth center kids or being crusied by a guy in a gold car on SMB.  They are not only very funny, but they are excellent hosts of the Great & Secret Show.  No wonder they have more comedians than they can book beating down their door to get a slot.


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The Walsh Brothers on Twitter



Zach Sherwin (MC Mr Napkins)

Zack Sherwin AKA MC Mr Napkins

MC Mr Napkins is the funniest white MC you'll ever see - okay, the mostintentionally funny.  I've been watching this guy since I lived in Boston and his brainy raps have always cracked my shit up.

Top 5 Reasons you should go see Zach:

1. Rad hair, often wears nerdy glasses (♥)
2. He's wicked smaaaht
3. Have some Angelino pride, you can't let those smug Bostonians keep on being the only ones in on his awesomeness
4. You haven't seen a white MC since "Ice, Ice Baby"
5. You might just learn what a Sphygmomanometer is




Zach on Facebook

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