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These are the guys who work hard to make you laugh and make it all look so easy.


Josh Adam Meyers

Josh is the Kip Winger of comedy.  You know how I know?  Because he told me.  Josh is one of the most self-confident comedians I've met yet.  And why shouldn't he like himself so much?  With his distinctive rasp and high energy stage presence, he really is a rock star.  His Sunday show is a favorite among audiences and comics.  He's also one of the most respected hosts on the LA Comedy scene - and we all know that's one of the things I admire the most.





Justin Martindale

Oh so adorable... and he'll make sure you never think of those Sarah McLachlin animal rescue ads the same way again.  He's also great online, with funny videos and the best comic use of hashtags in any Twitter account I follow.  His Twitter account also has the best stabby target lady jokes around.. well, maybe the *only* ones, but hey, still the best.



Mat Edgar

All right, let's get this out of the way.  Mat Edgar is pretty.  But pretty boys can be funny, too.  And Mat's charmingly hilarious.  His best jokes are usually left-field observations that seem so obvious once you've stopped laughing.  And he's always having fun with the crowd, even when he's making fun of them.


Matt Knost

Matt Knost is incredibly likable both onstage and off.  He connects easily with all types of audiences.  I'm especially fond of the bits where he reveals the contempt he had for his patrons back in his bartending days.

Matt on Facebook


Nick Youssef

Photo By Jen Moore (@absolut420jen)He's such a fucking hipster, but a goddamn hilarious fucking hipster.  Nick's one of those guys I can see every day because his bits are strong and he treats them like a an evolving organism, so it's never really the same act.  And if he has something to work with, his crowd work is almost as good as his actual set.




The Official Nick Youssef Comedy Page