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Brody Stevens

I have to admit, I didn't get Brody's act at first.  This caused Tommy to call me a moron, and he was pretty much right.  It's funny, too, because Brody's non-winking, pompous, self-entitled how-much-is-him-how-much-is-persona act is right up my alley.  It started to click for me the first time I saw him bring up a tambourine, but it all just fell into place one night in August when he was bumped nearly an hour due to special pop-ins and not only walked out into the sparse audience (not uncommon), but all the way to the back to threaten physical violence to Tony, incorporated Judah Friedlander and Chris D'Elia into his lesson for the audience on professional courtesy, and just pretty much made me laugh so hard, I curled into a ball in the corner.  Nearly every employee and comic left in the building was crowded against the back wall to watch, which is one of the best compliments you can get.



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