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These are the guys who get up and take it like a man after midnight.

I have a great love for the 12:15 comic at the Comedy Store.  At first, it was just because that was about the time I'd stroll on in and the crowd was so thin that they'd start talking to the audience, and I was the vast majority of the audience.  But as I have started to spend an inordinate amount of time watching comedy, including the guys who go on at 10 or 11, my love and respect for the 12:15 comedian has only grown.


Hopefully, they had a at least one other slot somewhere earlier in the night, but regardless, they made an effort to get here to go on for what is bound to be a tiny, drunk and possibly surly crowd.  They don't do it for the money (which is shit) and typically they don't really get to work out their material because of said sucky crowd.  But they get up there and do their 15 minutes and work with what the drunk loudmouths (like me) in the crowd start spouting.  It's really a heroic effort.




Mike Muratore

I've only had the pleasure of seeing The Serial Killer of Comedy once... but once was enough.  He did the thing that earns my respect most in a comic - he took an emptying out crowd of half a dozen and played to them like there were 100 people in the room.  He literally had me screaming with laughter for 20 minutes straight.  Be forewarned, his comedy is so dark and dirty, it borders on sociopathic.  I like.

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Sam Tripoli

Good god, where to start? Dirty, raunchy, hilarious.  He owns the stage and the whole room when he's on - whether he's running his A material or smacking down obnoxious bitches in the crowd.  His Infamous Naughty Show is one of the sexiest fun times you can have with all your clothes on and he's got some awesome videos on YouTube.



The Infamous Sam Tripoli Naughty Show Fan Club





Shawn Halpin

"You know what I hate more than condoms?  AIDS and babies."  I adore Shawn and his combination of manly Texas swagger mixed with schlubby guy schtick.  He seems so harmless and cute that the raunchy shit he says just slides sweetly into your brain.  Funny stuff on Facebook and Twitter as well.



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Steve Simeone

Watching Steve's set is pretty much like sitting down at the bar with your absolute funniest friend and listening to him tell some ridiculous, hilarious story full of tangents and digressions.  And he's putting out so much energy, he can perk up even the deadest crowd.  I literally saw him transform a late night Sunday crowd who were too lazy/drunk to even clap as each comic took or left the stage into a completely engaged, hysterically laughing mob.




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