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These are the guys who get up and take it like a man after midnight.

I have a great love for the 12:15 comic at the Comedy Store.  At first, it was just because that was about the time I'd stroll on in and the crowd was so thin that they'd start talking to the audience, and I was the vast majority of the audience.  But as I have started to spend an inordinate amount of time watching comedy, including the guys who go on at 10 or 11, my love and respect for the 12:15 comedian has only grown.


Hopefully, they had a at least one other slot somewhere earlier in the night, but regardless, they made an effort to get here to go on for what is bound to be a tiny, drunk and possibly surly crowd.  They don't do it for the money (which is shit) and typically they don't really get to work out their material because of said sucky crowd.  But they get up there and do their 15 minutes and work with what the drunk loudmouths (like me) in the crowd start spouting.  It's really a heroic effort.




Barris/Kennedy +Overdrive


 Is it 1:30 and you are still awake and at the Comedy Store?  Then chances are you're being rocked by the Barris/Kennedy +Overdrive.  The core of the band is Don Barris, Earl "Kennedy", "Snake" Hatchell and Maryjane Green.  Though on any given night, you may also see Tony, Warlock, Gail, Esther, Marino, Goldfinger or who know who else onstage. 


David Taylor

David Taylor is a fucking asshole... the kind of asshole who makes audience members he just skewered scream after him "Where's he going?  I want to buy him a drink! I think he's cute!" Whether he's doing misanthropic material about his ex-girlfriend The Slut and LA serial killers, smacking down a drunk crowd or answering text messages onstage, it's always a treat a make a point to sit down and watch.

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Don Barris

God, what is there to say about Don Barris?  He's The fucking Man is what.  He does what I love and respect most - giving a crowd of 8 the same awesome show as a crowd of 80 - and he does it best. He does great, subversive "reality" stuff like Windy City Heat, The Ding Dong Show an Barris-Kennedy +Overdrive without ruining it by winking (well, unless he has to because some really stupid audience member gets a little too concerned about the 14 year old girl on stage).  Besides being funny, Don's like my Comedy Store Dad.. my filthy, dirty, genius Comedy Store dad.

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Earl "Kennedy" Skakel

Photo by Jen MooreOkay, they say the kiss of death for any comedian is to call him a Nice Guy.  But, damn, Earl is so freaking nice.  He's possibly the most well-adjusted comic I know, but that doesn't seem to hurt his sense of humor.  He's also received accolades from Chair Drummer Monthly.

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Mark Ellis

Mark Ellis likes chain restaurants, movies and nintendo.  And he's got funny things to say about all of them, as well as how sleeping with a cougar is a lot like playing Yankee Stadium.  When he's onstage, he makes you think of that one guy in the frat who was a little bit smarter and a little bit nicer than everyone else.  His Schmoes Know movie reviews with Kristian Harloff manage to be both very amusing and very useful movie reviews.  And if the movie is crap, they'll give you good talking points for the next time your idiot co-worker wants to talk about how much she loved "Et, Pray, Love"

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