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Sal's Comedy Hole is a special kind of place.  It's my second Second Home (The Store will always be my first Second Home) and it has attracted an amazing group of talented, committed folks who want to help it grow and succeed.  Yeah, I'm one of them, yes this is probably some kind of conflict of interest, I told you this site was biased.  Actually, I separated these guys out in part because I'm fairly certain my love and respect for what they've been doing for the Hole offstage has completely clouded my judgment of their prowess onstage.



Jimmy Talarico

Onstage, Jimmy is cranky and dark.  Very, very dark - dead babies, molesting uncles and grieving celebrity moms are all on deck during his act.  Offstage, he's adorable and fun and probably ought to be on Ritalin.  Then again, if he started taking Ritalin, he probably wouldn't be the tireless promoter we've come to know and love.  Also, if you're friends on Facebook - look out - you may be the subject of an impassioned midnight rant or an amorous 3 am chat request.



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Steven Randolph

Steven is my very favorite sex addict and one of the sweetest guys I know.  When he isn't full of nervous this-has-to-be-right energy, he's full of super positive energy for everyone around him.  His raw charm enhances the raw openness of his act and gets the entire audience on his side.

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Silent Taco Comedy Night


Taylor Ketchum

We bonded instantly because Taylor comes from a long line of chucklefuckers.  Taylor's comedy hits a sweet spot for me at the intersection of adorable, insecure self-deprecation and total degenerate.  What's not to like?

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